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pixel animated
pixel for your oc animated of two frame
you can add more frame like walk of fight 400point for each fram
colored sketch
quick colored sketch 
sketch w and b
sketch w and b 

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take 5 requests for you guys ^^
one picture
one or two chara

count befor post
request 3 Foxtail for royal-breeze


Full name: Nilya Lynn Shyla
Name she goes by: Fox tail
Age: 16
Birthday: May, 26, 2447
Gender: Female
Siblings: 'adopted' sister Karai
Talents: Martial artist, signer, guitar player
Weapons: Sai, bladed fans, metal claws,
Band: Fox and the hounds
Relationship: with Chris/'brother' (not her's)
Reason made: She was my TMNT oc

She can be really sarcastic and is not afraid to speak her mind. She can fend for herself and protect others as well. She is considered a 'badass' by Michelangelo. She is also a great listener and a great friend.

-one green eye, one blue (They were both blue before the mutation)
-Orange, slightly brownish hair with white tips
-peach coloured skin
-A mask that goes to the middle of her nose, and dipps down a little under the cheek bones.
-Red collar with the name 'foxtail' on the tag
-a black crop top (about 1 -2 inches above the belly button) with one long sleeve that goes down to a point on the center of the back of her hand. There is an upside down triangle just above her cleavage.
-light brown belt that goes across her shoulder (opposite side of the long sleeve), and connects to a belt at her waist
-Baggy camo cargo pants with pockets on the knees, the normal places where pockets go on pants. (around the hips etc.)
-Military lace up boots

Before the mutation:
-Same outfit
-A keychain of a foxes tail attached on her belt loop
-Brown hair with a small hint of red 
-Both eyes are blue

Please look at photo(s) below for what her guitar looks like. There are stings, I just didn't add them

-Fresh spaghetti and butter with a side of garlic bread
-The colours deepish red, teal,black (even though it's actually a shade)
-Fist fights

-Swimming and waves
-'Coffee' (It's dandelion root coffee, Hard too make, and tastes like dirt)

Post-apocalypse backstory: 
Nilya was born in a world that was going to hell. The weather was changing and causing storms (Like more tornados, bigger waves 20 feet tall and larger, more landslides etc.) She was enlisted in school which specialized in self defence so that she could protect her self from thieves. She and her parents went to the beach on a rather windy day, it was calmer than some of the other days so it was perfect for a last dip before the cold snap. When swimming a wave around 17 feet tall came crashing down on her and her mother, causing her to almost drown and leaving her mother in a coma after her father pulled both of them out. Her mother went to the hospital and her and her father went as well. The hospital was crowded and soon an announcement  came over the system "Code orange CBRN" (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Disaster)  "Code green STAT" (Evacuation crisis) Her father refused to leave her mothers bedside and Nilya got pulled out of the room by one of the nurses who had given her a black mask to keep any toxins out of her body (The one she wears now as thoses masks were the ones nurses wore at the time) though it was too late and she had already breathed in some of the toxins and soon she was lost in the crowd. She has yet to see either one of her parents since,but wishes she can see them once again. Her mutations had accured after taking a drug that was ment to help her heal faster after the wave but it didn't work and caused a slightly painful mutation that fused her fox tail key chain with her body and chaning her hair to orange and white. Over time the toxin she breathed in mutated her DNA changing one of her eyes to a kind of blue mostly greenish colour, this also allowed for her to have function in the tail. As she grew up on the streets she constantly had to keep moving around to find food and non-toxic water. The toxin was found to originally be airborne which made a different strain waterborn that caused mutations in ones DNA. To much exposure could cause death. As she travled she sang, to try and get money for food portions and clean water. While she was moving she met up with Sister and Brother. They had instruments. They were both pretty good at playing them, and Nilya soon decided to make the band "Fox and the hounds" so that together they could earn extra money. After forming the band they needed a drummer and soon she met Mad dog. Her and Chris began as friends, but soon became going out one night when he took her up to the roof of an abandoned building and kissed her. She and the rest of them are now on the run from Coyotea who has tracked them down several times and has tried to kill her and her friends over a debt that Mad dog owes. 

Note: There will soon be an entire about the area after everything soon. 

Random facts:
-She almost drown when she was younger and now hates to go swimming when there are waves. 
-She keeps her weapons in the pockets of her cargo pants
-The collar she wears was going to be given to a pet fox if she ever got one. She soon got the nickname 'Foxtail' and desided to wear it instead
-Some other names that she may have named her fox were: Chichi, Mika, Pip, Zazoo or Duke
-Although she can sing and play guitar, she is not good at writing lyrics
-She wears the brightest colours of the group and can easily become a target
-The guitar she has used to be a plain white guitar ,but she custom painted it
-The mask that she wears helps to limit the amount of toxins she breath in
-Back when she was 12, she used to have long brown hair, but then cut it off because it became to much work
-She does want to learn hook swords
-Foxtail is the only one in the band who does not have a mutation symbol as she was not mutated by the toxins in the air
-Her zodiacs are the Goat and Gemini
-She plays an electric guitar, stratocaster
-The Japanese names for the wepons she uses are: Nekote, Sai, and Tessen
-Her sai is kept on the back of her belt
-Her outfit she wears allows her to carry her weapons that she got from her school and allows her to move easily.
-Her shirt is a tight fit so that no one can get a good grasp on it
-Her name was supposed to be "Nile" after the river, but was then changed to have the sound but became Nilya
-Her name was originally spelt Nilea

Songs that suit her:
-Partners in crime by Set it off
-Girls by Marina and the diamonds
-Fight like a girl by Physo girl 
take 3 requests for you guys ^^
one picture
one or two chara

count befor post 
hi guys i ill today start commission for ocs 


take one character no background.

i will draw anything includ NSFW.

sketch for 20 point.

and if you want with color its 50pt,.

Advance payment.

take this opportunity.




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